The author shows how these tools and algorithms work by implementing them from scratch. The book will help you get up to speed with the math and statistics in Data Science and get you the programming skills you need.


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To truly learn Data Science, you must not only master the tools - libraries, modules, frameworks - but also understand the ideas and principles behind them.

The book allows you to study data science and apply the knowledge gained in practice. It is written in such a way that it promotes immersion in Data Science for an analyst who does not actually have in-depth knowledge of this subject. good discipline. In volumes sufficient to start working in the field of Data Science, the book contains an intensive course in Python, elements of linear algebra, mathematical statistics, probability theory, methods for collecting, cleaning, normalizing and processing data.

A book by Joel Grus

I must say that before reading this book, my idea of ​​the benefits of Data Science did not go far from the title picture, borrowed from my favorite cartoon.

In order for the reader who has looked here to project my experience onto himself, I will have to tell a little about my starting skills. So, like last time, the dossier remained practically unchanged:

  • In connection with mat. was not noticed by analysis and statistics;
  • Doesn't know programming skills in Python;
  • Possesses knowledge about the existence of Data Science, has no practical skills.

Actually, why did I decide to study this book and share my impressions about it?

Just after the Cognitive Class courses, I decided to look at Kaggle and realized that even in the tutorial on solving the Titanic problem, I don't understand the essence of almost all the techniques and definitions.

Data Science From Scratch PDF

This book did not require any starting skills and promised a pleasant immersion in the world of data science. Am I now confident that after reading the book I will be able to solve this problem with the Titanic? The answer is at the end of the article:

And so let's start the story of the book. There is a quote on the back cover that really clearly describes the material in it: “Joel will take you on a tour of data science. As a result, you will move from a simple curiosity to a deep understanding of the underlying algorithms that any data analyst should know. " - Roit Shivaprasad. Well, at least the first part of this quote is 100% correct, the book really resembles an excursion when you need to inspect the Hermitage in 2 hours and all you have to do is run for a guide, catching a brief information about each masterpiece. Oddly enough, I cannot say that this is bad, at least you have time to read the book before it gets boring.