There is no power reserve in the lower modifications, but laptops can handle most work tasks. At the same time, there is a good display, an aluminum case, a backlit keyboard that is decent by the standards of inexpensive laptops, a fingerprint scanner and fast charging via USB Type-C.


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Honor laptops have occupied the niche of inexpensive, but high-quality workhorses

Depending on your requirements, the choice of the amount of RAM memory will also depend. If you want to use the laptop as a standard attack, then you can get by with 4 GB of RAM. As experience suggests, for the tasks of a hacker, the processor will depend more than the RAM. Let's see what is the Best laptop for hacking in 2022.

Omen 15

Omen is a gaming lineup, but the Omen 15 looks more solid than some of the business devices in this collection. And the hardware is completely excellent: even demanding users will be satisfied.

The top modification is equipped with an Intel Core i7 and an NVIDIA RTX 3070 graphics card. Cooling is efficient - with a large air intake and two coolers for heat dissipation. Such hardware is beneficial not only for players: if you work with 3D and render videos in 4K, but dream not to depend on a bulky system unit, the maximum HP Omen 15 will be an excellent choice.

Ergonomics on top - which can not be said about other gaming laptops. Large keyboard with deep key travel, customizable backlighting, large and responsive touchpad, high build quality. The design is restrained and devoid of unnecessary gaming kitsch.

The HP Omen 15 screen received a diagonal of 15.6 ″ and FullHD resolution, it can be tilted 180 degrees. High refresh rate - 144 Hz - will help not only in games, but also during work. Color quality is also at a decent level.


Peripherals are in order: there are HDMI and DisplayPort outputs, an Ethernet connector, several USBs and even a slot for a memory card. With such a set, you can work anywhere and not worry about whether you took a removable card reader with you.

HP Omen 15 is suitable for those who deal with content at a professional level - thanks to a combination of powerful hardware, a well-thought-out cooling system and a good screen. Restrained design and good ergonomics are also obvious pluses.

The price tag of the flagship configuration cannot be called modest, but there are simpler modifications on sale: they still have decent power, but you can save money.